Player/Parent Contract

Sarasota Volleyball Player/Parent Contract 
  • The player/parent contract outlines the guidelines and expectations of the SHS Lady Sailors Program. The last few pages are a contract of acknowledgement that the document has been read by the player and family and their agreement to abide by these rules. It will be required to turn in the week of tryouts.

Concession Stand Sign Up

Sign up here
  • Parents are responsible for staffing the concession stand during the games,  please sign up for at least 2 shifts this season. This is a requirement as stated in the player/parent contract. Please make sure this is not during your daughters game.

Away Game Pick Up Form

Pick Up Form
  • As mentioned in the player/parent contract, PARENTS will be able to pick up their daughters after away games. Away Forms are only need for games we take a bus. Freshman & JV Players are allowed to leave AFTER the 1st Varsity set. Please email only the form to your daughter’s coach, prior to the start of the game. Parents let the coach know that you are leaving with your daughter, so we can ensure she is leaving with a parent.




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